Beyond the Spheres

Chasing a Fallen Star
Episode 1

The four month long alignment of the orbits of Golarion and Aucturn which takes place every 56 years has just come to an end. The wastelands of Numeria were ravaged during these months by terrible lightning storms.

In the wake of these storms The Technic League has received reports that something on fire was seen falling from the sky. The Technic League believes that, if the unidentified falling object survived, it must have landed somewhere in the Numerian wastes.

Captain Ozmyn Zaidow, leader of the Technic League, has ordered that an expedition be sent forth to find the crash site, if it exists. Captain Zaidow has ordered the expedition to ascertain if the crash site holds any advanced technology and/or survivors. If so, the expedition is to secure that technology for acquisition by the League and capture any survivors for questioning.

This expedition, led by Commander Soleil Nova Sagan, finds itself in the City of Starfall making preparations to depart…


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