Captain Ozmyn Zaidow

Leader of the Technic League


A magus and a technomancer, Zaidow leads The Technic League in Numeria.


Some might call Zaidow evil while others think him pragmatic. Either way, his mind is set upon one singular goal: acquire and secure as much advanced technology from the Silver Mount as possible. Truly, he will kill, manipulate, and betray anyone who stands in his way of that goal but to those who he trusts to help him in that endeavor he is known to be a powerful and devoted ally.

There are some in The Technic League who believe that the ancient intelligence called Unity inside the Silver Mount has spoken to Zaidow, granting him knowledge and guidance. However, Zaidow himself denies such rumors.

Some question Zaidow’s decision, to admit the android Soleil Nova Sagan to the League believing much more could be gained from the opportunity of dissecting her. Of course they do not give voice to this opinion in the presence of Zaidow as Zaidow has personally vouched for Soleil Nova Sagan and has been known to disintegrate those who speak ill of those he trusts.

Captain Ozmyn Zaidow

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