Myrmidon, Robot


Myrmidons are highly mobile robots programmed to patrol the skies above important locations. They tend to react with swift violence, and often interpret any anomalous sensory input as proof of hostile intent and rain destruction on the offending target. Most have analyzed enough language to communicate, but rarely choose to do so.


Combined Arms (Ex)

When taking a full-attack action, a myrmidon can attack with melee and ranged integrated weapons simultaneously.

Laser Rifle (Ex)

A myrmidon’s eye is an integrated laser rifle. This weapon has a range increment of 250 feet.

Quantum Lash (Ex)

A myrmidon’s two facial tentacles lash out with surprising force, and are capable of extending up to a reach of 20 feet. These lashes are primary attacks that deal force damage on a successful hit. They resolve as touch attacks, but the damage dealt is not modified by Strength, nor can it be improved via Power Attack. A quantum lash threatens a critical hit on a 19–20. A quantum lash that strikes a force field or force effect has a chance to disrupt that effect. Against a magical force effect like a wall of force, the myrmidon makes a special check as if it were casting dispel magic against the effect (CL 11th). Against a robot’s force field, the robot struck must succeed at a DC 18 Fortitude save or its force field is deactivated for 1d10 rounds, after which it returns at the same hit point level it was at before it was deactivated. The save DC is Intelligence-based.

Resilient (Ex)

Myrmidons receive a +3 racial bonus on all saving throws.

Rockets (Ex)

As a standard action, a myrmidon can fire a rocket to a range of 800 feet. A rocket explodes on impact in a 30-foot-radius burst, dealing 6d6 points of fire damage and 6d6 points of bludgeoning damage to all creatures in the area (Reflex DC 18 halves). A myrmidon carries a maximum of five rockets. Its core can replenish fired rockets at the rate of one per 12 hours, crafting new rockets from scrap metal and other collected components used in the construction process. The save DC is Intelligence-based.

Superior Optics (Ex)

Myrmidons see invisible creatures or objects as if they were visible.

Myrmidon, Robot

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