Nanite Beam Pistol

Price: 20.000 gold
Type: one-handed ranged
Proficiency: exotic (firearms) or all androids are considered proficient
Damage: 1d8 electricity
Critical: x2
Range: 50 feet
Weight: 2 lbs Type: Energy
Capacity: 10 charges
Usage: 1 charge
Special: touch, nanite beam
This rare technological weapon was made by androids, for androids. The nanite beam pistol can be used by anyone proficient with firearms to fire a beam of electricity as a touch attack by spending one of the items stored charges.

Androids, however, are always considered proficient with this weapon and when wielded by an android the nanite beam pistol allows them to use the special nanite beam ability.

Nanite Beam: As a standard action the android can channel any number of her own nanites (in the form of her own hit points) into the weapon to be emitted along a carrier beam from the weapon targeting any creature within the range of the weapon as a ranged touch attack.

At the time of using the nanite beam she can choose to make these nanites either helpful or harmful ones. If helpful, they will heal the target a number of hit points equal to the amount lost by the android. If harmful, they will deal an amount of damage to the target equal to the amount of hit points lost by the android. Damage dealt in this way bypasses all damage reduction and has no energy type for the purposes of energy resistance.

The android must succeed at a ranged touch attack to either heal or damage a target in this manner. However, the android receives a +3 to the ranged attack roll if the target is an ally and the beam is healing. On a missed attack any hit points expended by the android to power the beam are still lost.

She cannot use the nanite beam to target herself. Using the weapon in this way does not use a charge from the capacitor as the beam derives its energy from the nanites themselves.

Craft DC 28; Cost 10,000 gp; Requirements: Craft Technological Arms and Armor, access to military lab, creator must be an android

One of these was recovered by Soleil Nova Sagan from the evil android Meyanda and is currently in her possession.

Nanite Beam Pistol

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