The Yellow Skull

Kevoth-Kul revealed!




For years, radioactive fungal spores have been eating away at the insides of Kevoth-Kul, fueled and transformed by the strange fluids he imbibes.

Finally, as the Dominion descends upon Golarion it is time for Kevoth-Kul to remove the fragile skin of his former self and reveal himself to be The Yellow Skull, servant of The Black Sovereign!

After cleansing the Palace of Fallen Stars for his master, The Black Sovereign, The Yellow Skull sought to take from Soleil Nova Sagan what his master sought.

However, Soleil Nova Sagan and her crew were too powerful and The Yellow Skull quickly found himself overtaken.

As he attempted to flee into the upper atmosphere Soleil Nova Sagan fired a powerful ray of disintegration hitting him in the back. The Yellow Skull turned to look upon the hand of his demise, the yellowed jawbone of his skull hanging down in surprise, as his body dissipated into a yellowish dust which blew away in the wind of the storm raging above, his reign of terror ended at last.

The Yellow Skull

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